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Note: This programs runs ONLY on Macintosh! (System 7, 8, 9 & X)

a2pix app icon ADFS 1.0a36 What is it? Screen Shots! What's Next?
This page describes how to make disk images using ADFS.

The software on this site is ShareWare. It is all for free, and is fully functional.
However, if you actually use it, the I'm asking for a $20 donation. You can pay me at paypal.
Alpha testers are exempt, but I will gladly accept donations. Call A.P.P.L.E. members get a discount!

June 25, 2004

Took a rather long break to work on Rose. Which is great because it uses YAAF, the cross platform framework.

ADFS a36 Hilights:
• Fixed all ProDOS bugs! Now works with GS/OS!

Talk to me! I need mail to feel alive!


We are currently in alpha testing. Okay, so we're not quite beta, but y'know, close enough.
Want to be a tester? Here is the beta tester page.
Here is the download page!

Feature List for v1.0:
(stuff in red italics is not implemented)

Mount disks from any Apple II OS: ProDOS, DOS 3.3, Pascal, CP/M.
Mount non-standard disks eg: Hybrid and 400K DOS
Allow Drag & Drop of files/folders between images or to/from Finder.
Get Info on file, show Preview, or double click to view file.
Support any disk image file format: Raw, NIB (unprotected), 2img, DiskCopy 4.2
Support any sector order: DOS, ProDOS, CP/M, Copy ][+.
Create new disk images of any kind. With any OS (bootable!)
Converts AWP & Basic (FP and INT) & Binary (disassembled) to plain Text (detokenize)
Converts high-ascii->low-ascii on the way out, and back on the way in.
Flip attribute bits, set File Type and Aux Type (or A$/"Load Address")
Undelete files, Map disks, Optimize Disks
Change: sector order,
catalog order, boot program, image file format (can un-nibblize!)
Read/write physical floppy disks and
HD partitions directly (On OS 9 and OS X)
Use floppy hardware to set or get disk images (On OS 9 and
View by Icon,
remember icon positions, window positions
Find command

Plans for v1.1: (a while from now)
Sector / Block Editor
Read / Write NuFX (for .sdk, and possibly .shk and .bxy) (Yup, a shareware MacShrinkit!)
GZip support
Maybe even act as the Mac end of ADT!

Under consideration (These are features I'll consider if I get requests for them):
Support for 13 sector DOS 3.2 disks
Support for RDOS, DaviDos, other fast DOS's.