ADFS Beta Program

Welcome to the ADFS Beta program! Your Mission, should you choose to accept it:
Just use ADFS, tell me what works, tell me what doesn't. Tell me what you'd like it to do (that I don't have planned). Tell me what you think I should work on next (out of what I do have planned).

I especially need feedback on file transfer. Does it ever corrupt files? Disks?

Keep in touch with my latest developments here. This will tell you what I'm generally up to, and what's going on in my Apple II life. There's links there to the rest, except for downloads, see below.

Please read the version history here, as it presently serves as the documentation, and it tells you what works and what does not. Yes, it's very long, and provides excruciating detail.

Always use backups of disks!!

Downloads: HERE!

There is no link to this page from my site! It will always be the same, so you should prolly bookmark it. When I post that there's a new version available, just re-download from the same link.

If you're interested in keeping up with what I'm doing between releases, then you may want to put a web reminder on the "not yet released" page. Go to this page and enter your email at the top, then you'll get an email whenever that page changes.

Each build comes in two processor flavors: 68k and Carbon.
The 68k version is for the MacPlus running System 7, on up to the Classic environment in OS X.
The Carbon version is if you have a better machine that supports carbon, ie: a PowerPC running at least some version of OS 8 with CarbonLib 1.1. I'd recommend the carbon version if you have OS 9 or X for sure.

Each processor flavor comes in two build flavors: Debug and Release. Please do all your testing on the Release version. If you run into a bug, ask me about it. If I haven't run into it, then test whether you can reproduce it in the Debug version, which may even give you more info about what's going on in the log file. I'll want to know if the bug is release only, debug only, or both. But really, if you only get to play a little, play with the Release version.

I may ask you at some time to "send me the log file". What this means is, under "Preferences..." there is "Enable Logging". Turn this on, then do the thing that made it crash. This will spit out a log file (next to the app icon). If it's one of those "crash on startup" types, you can hold down "shift" while launching to enable logging during startup. To do this, select ADFS in the finder, then hold shift, then choose "File->Open". Don't worry about the sub-options for logging unless I ask for that too, as they tend to make the log file extremely verbose.

Please write often, it's lonely out here in Apple ][ land!