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Today is July 25, 2007

Alpha 37 (sortof yet released)

• Okay, it's been like 3 years
• Upgrayded to XCode
• Universal Binary

New Priorites:
• Fix copy from DOS to ProDOS bugs
• Old Priorites: b) is probably the only thing i'll ever get to, if at all

Old Priorities:
I have re-thought my priorities: (note: multiply time estimates by 5 for real world estimates)
a) Port to Windows (Linux) -> Convert to YAAF. Major underaking: 3 months?
b) Go Beta/Public, post on SourceForge -> Clean up and get rid unreleasable code. Serous undertaking: 3 weeks?
b) v1.0 -> Get feature complete, stop feature creep: Serious underaking: 1 months?
c) NuFix -> Support .sdk, .shk, .bxy. Fun undertaking: 2 weeks?

The "a" list is very major. I have to learn a whole new framework and shoehorn it into that. Progress:
YAAF Installed and compiled for Mac & Win (ignore Linux for now)
Reading documentation, learning the ins & outs.
Diddled with the sample MDI application code.
Became overwhelmed.
Re-thought out priorities.
Decided they were, in fact, correct.
Forged ahead writing new app from scratch in new framework.
Created Rose
Thinking about how to translate ADFS into the new framework
Actually wrote a wonderful cross platform heriarchic data browser that can save meta data (like twirl ness, icon positions, window position, selections etc)
I now have a cross platform framework with all the necessary pieces in place. Now it'll just take me doing the transplanting and re-wiring.

The "b" list I am now hacking away at. No more new features. I'm JUST going to do the ones I said I'd do, and halt it there. Also, for unnecessary things, like implementing a trash can, I'm going to cut in order to speed things up.

The "c" list I'm considering moving into the v1.0 cuz it's so dam cool.

The time estimates are exclusive. ie: to get it ALL done will take 8 months and 1 week. Also, they don't include any time for breaks and assumes I'm working full time, which I'm not. So multiply the time estimates by about 5 for a reality check.

Coming later:

OS X Support for direct floppy and HD access and formatting:
Word from Apple is they may already have a new API for disk inserting and formatting, I'll have to investigate the latest APIs. Rest assured it WILL go in. I also plan to support partitions on SCSI devices. The problem is OS X did not notify any programs (even those who register for notification) when a volume is inserted but not mounted. If OS X can't mount it, ie: if it is not HFS or DOS or ISO or UFS, then there's no notification to the program. In fact you will always get the "Format Me" dialog with the buttons "ignore", "format", "cancel". There are hacks available to handle this (DiskArbitration.framework) but Apple promises a supported, sanctioned API in the next release.

Set Boot Program
Set Catalog Order
Save Meta Data
Convert disk / folder / file classes to use multiple inheritance.
Upgrade ProDOS disk caching to use new system (from DOS 3.3)
Enable disk imaging of DOS 3.3 400 & 800k floppies.
Create new large DOS 3.3 volumes.
Optimize writing large DOS 3.3 volumes.
Provide AppleEvent suite for emulators to access volumes by slot/drive using RWTS or thru ProDOS MLI.
When copying multiple files, update the copy dialog per file
Dynamic block and offset number labels
Use keyboard navigation.
Preallocate and post dispose the RGNs and sector alloc's
Hilight the current block type rather than report it, plus show block count next to each type

And after that:
Erase disk is super NOT optimized. Needs a progress bar at least.
Context menu.
Set Boot Program
Reordering the Catalog (e.g.: alphabetize a catalog)
View by Icon, and letting you move the icons around, and "Clean Up"
If floppy is mounted in Finder, drag to ADFS will dismount from Finder and mount in ADFS

copy pascal text files correctly
when undeleting a file, if there's an error, then back out gracefully, leaving the disk untouched.
drop files at proper location in finder (X & Y coords of window, not default pos)
Maybe emulate the allocation of DOS files more accurately (works fine now)
Make sub windows 1st class citizens (drag and drop etc.)
Update time stamp when writing to disks
deal with file overwrites & unique names (currently you get unique names, just don't name your file "New File")
GetFrontClicks on OS X? How?
Consistent error handling (always report immediately)
more ProDOS file types to deal with (AIFF, dImg etc.)
speed up drawing on 68k
read over version history, make sure i haven't missed anything