ADFS Downloads

Each processor flavor comes in two build flavors: Debug and Release. Please do all your testing on the Release version. If you run into a bug, ask me about it. If I haven't run into it, then test whether you can reproduce it in the Debug version, which may even give you more info about what's going on in the log file. I'll want to know if the bug is release only, debug only, or both. But really, if you only get to play a little, play with the Release version.
Keep in touch! :D

Source Code
Full Source includes 68k project, PPC project (pre Carbon and Carbon), and XCode (PPC and Intel)

68k Requirements:
System 7.1 or better with the Dragging Enabler (60k) extension (no Drag & Drop exchange with Finder)
Finder 7.1.3 or better to enable drag and drop exchange with the Finder. (7.1.3 was never officially released, they went right to 7.5)

I recommend System 7.5 or better, for full official drag and drop support.

Release: ADFS 68k.sit.hqx (About 504k)
Debug: ADFS 68k Debug.sit.hqx (About 496k)
This has been compressed with an earlier version of DropStuff, so it should decompress on older systems.
Carbon Requirements:
MacOS 8 or 9 with CarbonLib 1.4 (1.6MB) or better
OS X 10.1 or better

Release: ADFS Carbon.sit (About 372k)
Debug: ADFS Carbon Debug.sit (About 372k)

Universal Requirements:
Note: some things are busted with this version, like no App icon, double clicking to view a file
OS X 10.3.10 or better

Release ADFS (660k)

macOS 10.14 or below:

Debug ADFS (660k)


According to this Tech Note, you can use FType files to extend the ability for ProDOS to describe file types. I've included a bunch that I've gathered here. Place the FTypes folder next to the ADFS icon, and it's contents will be scanned. Updated version (as of 10/27/02) includes FTypes.GEOS, and is compressed with the older stuffit.

FTypes.sit.hqx (10k)

For Kicks, here is Disk Copy 4.2 & MountImage 1.2b2 (26.3k).

If you're running ADFS on system 7.1, you'll need the Dragging Enabler (60k). Without it you can't use Drag & Drop, even within the ADFS application.

For Giggles, here is Finder 7.1.3 so you can get Finder Drag and Drop!