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Some of the software on this site is ShareWare, you'll know when you see it.

The rest is freeware/donationware. It is all for free, and is fully functional.
However, if you feel it is super cool, I'll accept what you think it's worth at paypal.

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BeagleBros Peeks and Pokes Chart
Apple Programmer's Reference Card
65c02 Instruction Set

For the Apple ][
a2snip icon

A screen snipper that captures graphics page 1 or page 2, HGR or DHGR.
bye.system icon

Re-installs and runs Bird's Better Bye, a simple textual ProDOS program selector

For the Macintosh
a2pix app iconplugin icon
a2pix 3.0 Beta

An application or plugin that displays Apple ][ graphics.
IC icon

Converts the sector order of emulator disk images.
(.do, .po, .img)
Font Icon
Apple ][ Font

Just what it says. Includes MouseText and Inverse, plus the "running man".
adfs icon
Apple DOS File System

Mounts ProDOS, DOS 3.3, Pascal and CP/M disks for file transfer,
plus a whole host of other neat tricks.

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