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IC iconImageConverter 1.0

The software on this site is DonationWare. It is all for free, and is fully functional.
However, if you feel it is super cool, I'll accept what you think it's worth at paypal.

This program will convert disk images between DOS order and ProDOS order, and also Copy][+ order. This way, you can use Copy][+ to make disk images, then use ImageConverter to make the images useable in emulators that expect a particular order. Note: this does NOT work with nibble images.

11/28/2001 Update: the "Apple DOS File System" application now does what IC does, and does a whole lot more. You may want to check it out.

Detailed Info


ImageConverter package for Macintosh (27.2k) includes

Other pieces you may want:

Copy2Plus.image.sit.hqx (48k) Makes disk images on the Apple ][.

ShrinkWrap (Search on Info-Mac) Makes disk images on the Mac.

Disk Copy 4.2 / MountImage 1.2b2.sit.hqx (26.3k) Make and mount 800k / 1.4M Disk Images on your Mac