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What's in a51: Not Released Yet
• No longer crash if you purge undo with no window open
• Cleaned up some code around the offscreen drawing
• Launching an application on mac will actually work, no longer opens the "package". This was a problem for "bundled" applications (.app files) on OS X.
• Introduced the notion (for me anyway) of having a document be only "slightly" dirty. A "really" dirty document will give you the "save changes?" dialog if you close it. (On Mac you can see the "dirty" widget as a small darker red spot in the Close Window button) A "slightly" dirty window will not ask to save changes when you close, so you'll loose your slight dirt, but it WILL enable the "Save" command in the file menu, so you could save before closing if you wish. At present, the only actions that make a document "slightly" dirty are moving and sizing. I could imagine that changing the selection would do that too, but I've not hooked that up
• Even more behind the scenes work on the new heirarchical model (this is quite painful)
• Updated web site to have much smaller (better compressed) background pictures.
• Added the Forum
• Now, when you have more than one view open, each viewing things differently (say, one is "Flat Columns" and one is "Freeform") then the one(s) in the background will no longer appear to have the wrong button selected in it's toolbar.
• Started writing the "converter" for converting old Rose documents to the new heirarchic format. At present, it creates a new document and copies the data in, leaving your old document untouched. Later the old document will be translated on the fly when read in, but until it all gets running, I need a way to continue to work with old documents. Therefore I've made 2 "new" view modes that mimic the old "freeform" and "flat colums" modes (since those are the only 2 modes that ever worked in the old format). To convert a document, first open it, then under the "Debug" menu, pick "Convert to new Rose format". Currently when you make a "new" document, it's the old style. Wow this is taking a long time.
• Documents (text and Rose) will now be able to close without the "do you want to save" dialog 1) right after you save them and 2) right after you open them and 3) right after you revert them. Have I implemented "revert"?
• Text files now have an AutoSave function. Make a new text window, then under preferences, check "AutoSave". As soon as you change any text document, it will save (asking for a name if it is still untitled).

• undo in text (generated from rose) can get very messed up
• text windows can't autosave. (must store metadata too like font style runs)

General To Do:
•  show progress during downloads
• Compensate for font size diff btwn mac & win, deal with font DPI on win (ie: "Use Large System Font")
• A file->Open dialog that can select folders (hook to rename)
• freaky: Arrow keys in flat column mode
• URL links use favicon
• Autoscroll
-I and -R should work in freeform mode
• Allow dropping in Go mode
• In text edits, word wrapping seems to ignore last character (which is hack-adjusted in SizeToFit() which will have to be fixed when this is fixed)
• In the Windows menu, "Zoom" command will zoom the window (resize for best fit, and position for best view, handy if the window ever gets offscreen somewhere), and "Minimize" command will minimize it., "Zoom to Edit size" will zoom a Rose window that is in Go mode to the size it would be in Edit mode (that is, a 1:1 stretch)
• In TextEdits, cmd-arrows should jump by word, home & end with shift should work too
• Big win: move text undo stuff to TE core so you get it in all app text edits

More advanced stuff:
• Less Brain Dead Printing
• Import RTF, Imp/Exp XML
• a separate "Launcher" app, stored in resource, that can be extracted and spawned. This app can download the new version of rose, unstuff it, quit the running app (after asking what docs are open), move it to trash, move newly downloaded version to where the old one was, launch it, and hand it the docs that used to be open
• operator new that is smart about purging

Mac To Do:
 Properly lock/unlock pixmap for COffscreen
• Build OS 9, 8, 7 versions

Windows To Do:
• Text speech
• network browsing
• more icons
• must convert / include sizer cursors

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