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Q) What is Rose?
A) It's one of those wierd things that that's hard to pin down. Use it as a customizable graphical "launcher" for applications, folders, documents, URLs, email. Use it for "Refridgerator Poetry" (coming soon). Even use it to do intuitive readings, using the mouse as a planchette. Use it if you have a list of "things" to pick from, and typically pick only a subset, and need to log those picks. (Remedies, excersizes, to-do's, whatever daily regimine) Use it to collect your thoughts and connect them to resources.

Q) Why's it called Rose?
A) Well, my fiancé needed a way to quickly compile a new list of words, or remedies, create a "log" for her clients consisting of their treatment, or collect a "reading" from an existing document of many words. She had been doing this "by hand" for a long time and I thought, I can make this easier for her, more streamlined. This program started my gift to her. It made me smile to think, a regular guy would show his devotion by getting her a dozen roses, but writing software, in terms of time and commitment, is more like two dozen roses (at least!). Originally this was called "Two Dozen Roses", and that's where ".2dr" comes from. But after a while, it got tedious to say that over and over, so now it's just "Rose".