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Play your game, or whatever, somehow get your graphic on screen that you want to snip. When you're ready, hold down oa-ctrl-reset. While you're holding it, stick the a2snipper disk into s6,d1. Let go, it'll reboot into the snipper program.

In some programs, you can press ctrl-reset to get into the monitor and then type "c600g". This is a better option because it does not write 2 bytes of junk into each page of main memory, better preserving your graphic.

When a2snipper is running:
press "p" to toggle pages (page 1 and page 2)
press "d" to toggle double hi-res (on and off)
press "s" to save the image you see onscreen
press "l" to load an image over the one you see onscreen
press [space] to toggle full screen mode
press [esc] to exit to basic

The program won't run under prodos unless you change the b1 and b2 variables to point to the last bload start address for prodos (they now point to the dos locations) Just change the REM statements, ie: rem the DOS 3.3 and un-rem the ProDOS.

Warning for ProDOS: when you boot under prodos, it wipes out your graphics, so really the only option is to run it from basic after you have somehow loaded your graphic. Chicken and egg.

Now, I know that when you do a warm reboot (ao-ctrl-reset), you get schmutz across both hires pages in main memory, this is due to the ROMs trashing certain memory locations in order to make the boot successful. Perhaps in a future version i'll copy the bits from the other page (2 for 1 and 1 for 2) to fill in the gaps, cuz in many cases it is nearly the same image on both pages.

The program "tester" was used to debug the MOVEAUX machine language program. It asks for a transfer mode, then a source and destination page.

xfer modes:
0: main to main
1: main to aux
2: aux to main
3: aux to aux

Then you can choose pages 1, 2 or 3. page 3 is used in a2snipper as a scratch buffer, it lives above page 2 in both main and aux ram

Feel free to write me (me at davecotter com) with any questions, comments, curiosities!

This program is mailware: if you use it, i'd like you to email me and tell me what you think!

You can also just use the moveaux routines in your own programs, let me know about anything cool that you do!

Version History:


inital release


You now get to see what page you are displaying (the page number is hilited)

You can press the space bar to toggle full screen mode

You can press "L" to load a picture (In DazzleDraw (DHGR) or HGR format)

3.0 7/22/04

• No longer crashes at line 21, duh!
• If you Save or Load while in full screen mode, you switch back to split screen
• if you try to load a non-existant picture, you no longer crash, you just get an error message.
• In fact, if you get any kind of error, you'll just get a message, and be left at the main screen
• The split screen text is expanded to include: Saving and Editing a2snipper (for the curious on how it works, to see the program listing or to save your edited version back to disk), and also you can press ESC to exit
• Program Writer by Alan Bird is now included. Assumes you have a Language Card (which you do if you have double high rez graphics) (if you don't, then you should delete line 21 in the HELLO program and re-save it), For full instructions on using Program Writer, go here. (
• Uses mousetext open apple symbol, if you don't have it, you get an inverse A instead.
• Updated the pictures included in the disk (airheart.dgr and blackmagic.hgr)