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a2pix app icona2pix 3.0 b12 Downloads

a2pix 68k.sit (105k) or .hqx (137k)
a2pix Carbon.sit (113k) or .hqx (145k) (You need CarbonLib)

Plugins! Don't forget these! Folder must be called "plugins" and must be next to the a2pix icon. All the stuff inside is optional. (for b11 and after, not for b10 or earlier)

Tons of Pictures! (960 KB) (Yes, I know there's some duplicates, sorry)


Version History

Sample Code:

C++ code for turning HGR or DHGR into a PICT using AppleEvents and a2pix.
Old Stuffit format (must have b11 or after installed)